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Another one of the countless reasons why I love my parents:

I very rarely ask my parents for help, so when I do they know that I’m desperate. I’ve been running low on money lately and realised I’m not going to be able to make next months rent, so after a lot of deliberation I eventually plucked up the courage to ask them to lend me enough money to cover the rent. They said that they would and I thanked them a lot. A couple of days later my mum rang me and said they’ve put the money in my account plus a couple of hundred extra so that I can afford some nice food and have a good time with my friends.

I love them so much.

It is a loan and they are in no way giving me the money, but I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. If they’d said they couldn’t afford to help me out I don’t know what I’d have done. I finally can breathe again.

And I can afford real food too.

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Well, Leeds Festival ruined me

Can’t believe how much of a good time I had! Met some really lovely people and camped with them, got on with them so well they were a right laugh.

On top of that I got to see some of my all-time favourite bands. I still can’t believe I’ve seen The Cure… That’s something I never thought I’d be able to do in my life. Reeling from it. They played for 2hours 40mins, which was JUST LIKE HEAVEN (get it Cure fans??)

Highlights were Seeing The Cure, Foo Fighters, Paramore, The Gaslight Anthem, Deaf Havana, Young Guns, Feeder, We Are The In Crowd, You Me At Six and The Flatliners.

Here’s me being in a tent:

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